Natural Sleep Aids

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Natural sleep aids, are they something that is actually healthy for me? Will they cause me more harm than do me good?

While some sleep medications were have been proven to harm your body, other sleep medications were nothing more than placebos. And yet some work very well.

Are there many other natural sleep aids will work in the same way, or are there natural sleep aids that will help me to get my mind right, and be a cure to the awful insomnia that I have been sufferring with?

In answer to these questions, it has been discovered that there actually are a few natural sleep aids that will help in this situation and get you some badly needed rest. There are other natural remedies that will fix other night time disturbances as well. There are even natural snoring remedies, in the event that snoring is your problem.

Kava Herb

An anti anxiety herb named Kava has been long shown for its benefit of helping people that suffer with insomnia. This natural sleep aid Kava, however, has not been backed by the food and drug administration due to its link with liver disease. In a few cases, users of Kava had to have full liver transplants.

Thus far there have been around twenty-five reports of serious medical conditions that have stemmed from other products that contain Kava as well. Of course it is advised to know all of the risks that are associated with this, and any other, sleep aid prior to beginning this, or any other, sleep aid regiment.

Of course you should make sure that you consult with your doctor, should you decide to take Kava, and have them monitor you. This will help you to avoid any serious medical complications that may be a result of you taking this natural sleep aid.

Valerian Root

Since ancient times, a dietary supplement known as Valerian has been used to combat nervousness and insomnia. Though there has not been a well designed or scientific study that has proven valerin to be effective as a sleep aid, many people still continue to take it in these hopes.

A sleep medicine specialist up at Somerset Medical Center’s,There is a “Sleep for Life” program, in Hillsborough New Jersey; Jawad Miran, has cautioned that there is very little consistency in quality or the ingredients that are in valerian preparations in the market today. He is qouted as saying that “There is not one compound that is Valerian, but rather there are several compounds that are in varying amounts. He later stated that most of the doctors that he knows would not recommend valerian to any of their patients that suffer with insomnia.

Is Melatonin The Answer?

The pineal gland produces melatonin. Melatonin a hormone that has been believed to play the central role in a persons regulating of sleep and circadian rythms. Popular dietary supplements that are usually sold as sleep aids and antioxidents, will often contain synthetic melatonin ingredients.

There has been evidence indicating that melatonin will ease ciracadian rhythm disorders such as jet lag or delayed sleep phase disorders.   A Norwegian study showed that 5-HTP can affect sleep patterns by increasing the levels of serotonin. Serotonin is needed to produce melatonin, a hormone which regulates sleep-wake cycles.

So not all sleep aids do their job but if you take the time to experiment you will see that some can work very well.

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